PUBLISHED PAPER                                                                                                                              

Jung, Minah H., Leif D. Nelson, Ayelet Gneezy, and Uri Gneezy (2014). Paying More When Paying for Others. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 107, 413-413. 

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Jung, Minah H., Hannah Perfecto, and Leif D. Nelson (2016). Anchoring Payment: Evaluating a Judgmental Heuristic in Field Experimental Settings. Journal of Marketing Research.

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Jung, Minah H., Leif D. Nelson, Uri Gneezy, and Ayelet Gneezy (In press). Signaling Virtue: Charitable Behavior under Consumer Elective Pricing, Marketing Science.

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WORKING PAPERS                                                                                                                                

Jung, Minah H. and Clayton R. Critcher, How Encouraging Niceness Can Incentivize Nastiness: An Unintended Consequences of Advertising Reform, Journal of Marketing Research (invited revision).

Jung, Minah H., Clayton R. Critcher, Phoebe Wong and Leif D. Nelson, “Re-examining Loss Aversion” (manuscript in preparation)

Jung, Minah H., Fausto Gonzalez, and Clayton R. Critcher, “Perspective-taking influences our subjective experiences” (manuscript in preparation)

SELECTED RESEARCH IN PROGRESS                                                                                             

Jung, Minah H., Alice Moon, and Leif D. Nelson. Everyone’s Having More Fun Than Me: Overestimating Others’ Enjoyment. 

O’Donnell, Michael, Minah H. Jung, and Clayton R. Critcher, “Perils and Guards of Self-deprecation” 

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Jung, Minah H. and Leif D. Nelson, “When Is It Better To Give? Kindness, Happiness, and Reciprocity In The Chain of Giving” 

Jung, Minah H., Silvia Saccardo, and Leif D. Nelson, “Are People Really Trying to Burnish Their Self-image? When Looking Generous Looks Like Showing-off”