Published papers       

Jung, M. H., & Critcher, C. R. (2018). How Encouraging Niceness Can Incentivize Nastiness: An Unintended Consequence of Advertising Reform. Journal of Marketing Research, 55, 147-161.

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Jung, M. H., Nelson, L. D., Gneezy, U., & Gneezy, A. (2017). Signaling Virtue: Charitable Behavior Under Consumer Elective Pricing. Marketing Science36(2), 187-194.

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Jung, M. H., Perfecto, H., & Nelson, L. D. (2016). Anchoring in payment: Evaluating a judgmental heuristic in field experimental settings. Journal of Marketing Research53(3), 354-368.

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Jung, M. H., Nelson, L. D., Gneezy, A., & Gneezy, U. (2014). Paying more when paying for others. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology107(3), 414.

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Manuscript under review                                                                                                                             

Munz, K., Jung, M. H, & Alter, A. (invited revision). Donating to a Teacher with the Same Name: A Field Experiment in Personalization

Jung, M. H., Gonzalez, F., & Critcher, C. R. (invited revision). The Vicarious Construal Effect: Seeing and Experiencing the World through Different Eyes

Manuscripts submitted for publication                                                                                                                               

Jung, M. H., Critcher, C. R., Wong, P., & Nelson, L. D. (under review). Evaluations Are Inherently Comparative, But Are Compared To What?: Advancing Decision by Sampling

Manuscripts in preparation (data collection complete)                                          

Gonzalez, F., Jung, M. H., & Critcher, C. R. Emotional Intensification When Feeling Responsible for Others’ Emotional Experience

Jung, M. H., Moon, A., & Nelson, L. D. Overestimation Bias in Others' Values and Preferences

Jung, M. H., Liu, X, & Nelson, L. D. Consumers' Long-term Social Preferences

Powell, E., Jung, M. H., & Nelson, L. D. When Is It Better to Give? Kindness, Happiness, and Reciprocity in the Chain of Giving

Saccardo, S., Jung, M. H., Gneezy, A. & Nelson, D. L. Social and Self Signaling in the Field

Jung, M. H., Smeets, P., Stoop, J., & Vosgerau, J. Does Higher Social Class Really Predict Increased Unethical Behavior?